GMX is a learning community and a decentralised autonomous organisation dedicated to accelerating web3 adoption. Our community invites anyone who is curious about web3 space and, more importantly, who is actively looking to participate in and create possibilities for themselves within the area. We specialized in handling gaming events.

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Our Goals

Attract more like-minded people who are knowledgeable or passionate about crypto and NFTs and create bonds in the community as strong as a family


Our Offers

- Discounts on studio -

Our NFT holders will be able to enjoy the benefits of our in-house discounts. For the time being, there will be a 10% discount on coffees and games, but we intend to expand it in the future. The more you collect, the more benefits you will receive!

- Eligible for merchandise -

We will soon release our own GAMESMY merchandise. Holders who met our requirement will be the first to receive them.

Just know that we have a lot of partnerships. You understand what I mean.

- Education - Crypto, NFTs and DeFi -

There will be numerous workshops to educate our community on the Crypto and NFT space. We will also invite a number of speakers to help you better understand what you need to know. Bootcamps, tutorials, and videos that can help you understand the fundamentals of Crypto, NFTs, and even DeFi!